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Sightseeing Definition –in Literal and Greater Meaning

If we see for a word to word definition for sightseeing, it simply means to visit some place. But that doesn’t define it properly as it only speaks about the upper layered meaning. The inner meaning that defines it in a greater meaning can’t be explained in one line. The word sightseeing brings a sudden stroke of freshness that you feel from within the heart as it sums up a picture of a journey, new place, new people –a complete different life for some days.

Impact of Sightseeing in Our Life

A sightseeing trip can impact on our life and health –both physical and mental. Visit to a naturally beautiful places like mountains, sea, forests etc. freshen up the mind and it has a good effect on your body. Your physical health gets better because of the change in air, water, food etc. Trip to city places introduce you to different people, their life-style and culture. In different atmosphere your mind gets relaxed and free of tensions of daily hectic life and you can escape from your busy everyday schedule for some days.

Different Kind of Sightseeing Trip

If you are making trip for sightseeing somewhere, you should have the a little knowledge about each kind of trips. The trip can be escorted or packaged, hosted, self-guided etc. Package tours or trips are best for those who don’t want to fall in the troubles of planning trip, choosing places for food or accommodations, searching proper transport etc., because in package tour all these will be planned by the escort tourism company or big hotelier. Hosted trip is almost like package trip but you will be guided by a local agent and you will be able to decide your own program. In that case the agent will just guide you about your chosen place. Self-guided tour is best for those who has proper and whole knowledge about the travel destination and has ability to make sightseeing schedule themselves.

Shah Tour –for Your Better Sightseeing Experience

When you are choosing package trip for your sightseeing program, we, in Shah Tour, make the deals and packages looking at your trip plan, trip duration and budget. Our trustable, well-educated crew is very professional and specialist in hospitality. Our excellent customer service is our prime strength and final concern too. We are proving holiday options for Dooars, Darjeeling, Sikkim and Bhutan that includes travel related services like ticket booking for train or flight, renting car service, selecting and booking hotel accommodation, selecting the best places for your sightseeing program. We organize mountain climbing, river rafting, school-college or business conference, honeymoon and holiday packages etc. The whole program is arranged by us so that you can have a smooth, trouble-free sightseeing experience.

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