Best Darjeeling Sightseeing Tour Places, Check All Cost, Rates

Darjeeling Sightseeing

Best Darjeeling Sightseeing Tour Places for Sightseeing in Darjeeling

Any person who loves hill stations is well aware of the name of Darjeeling, a town of Darjeeling district in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is mostly called the ‘Queen of the Hills’. Truly said, it stands as a queen to rest of the hill stations because of gigantic mountains of Mahabharat Range, exquisite view of snow-covered peaks like Mt. Kanchenjunga or Mt Makalu. Even from Tiger Hills you can watch Mt. Everest peeping sideways behind the high peaks. Besides, the green woods are there to please you eyes. A spiritual environment in the monasteries and temples are always ready to welcome you. The lakes in Darjeeling look so magnificent that you will find it a perfect place for relaxation. The restaurants and hotels serve excellent customer service with their delicious foods and comfortable accommodations. People from all around the world do not only visit this place for sightseeing but also for research, photography, etc. The institutions and national parks are very much popular amongst the tourists. The institutions hold the memory of brave mountaineers, while the national parks are protecting the Himalayan animals and plants.

Top Darjeeling Sightseeing Tour Places

You can go for several local places for sightseeing as you also can visit outside the town. Darjeeling sightseeing places presents a long list but some must visit places that should not be missed are mentioned here -

  • 1. Senchal Lake
  • 2. Sumendu Lake
  • 3. Tiger Hill
  • 4. Rock Garden
  • 5. Happy Valley Tea-Garden
  • 6. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute
  • 7. Mahakal Temple
  • 8. Chunnu Summer Falls
  • 9. Lloyed's Botanical Garden
  • 10. Dowhill Eco-Park
  • 11. Toy-train ride from NJP to Ghum Railway Stations
  • 12. Samco Ropeway
  • 13. Ghum Monastery
  • 14. Singalila National Park
  • 15. Jagdish Mandir

Check All Darjeeling Sightseeing Cost & Rates

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