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Ladakh- Land of high Passes with pristine beauty 

You must have visited many places in the world and seen different tourist spots. But what is so special aboutLadakh that everyone is attracted to it? The answer is the serenity and calmness of this place. Ladakh is described as heaven on the earth that takes the first position on the list of travelers and motorcycle lovers. 

Many youngsters do a long bike trip to reach Ladakh while some others take a long train trip. Let us dig deeper and find out some of the most interesting things about Ladakh that travelers love. 

Places of interest in Ladakh

Ladakh is the land of valleys, monasteries, and high passes. It has lots to offer to a traveler, bike enthusiast, or adventure lover. Some of the best spots to visit in Ladakh are: 

PansongTso Lake - Ladakh is famous for PansongTso Lake. It is a wonderful lake with pure surroundings. Sitting for hours near this lake with your friends and remembering old memories is what you must do. Clear blue sky covering this lake with its blue arms is a nice scene to watch for everyone.

Markha Valley - If you are an adventurous person, do visit Markha Valley. It is one of the best spots in Ladakh for camping. You can sit in a group of your best friends near Markha and do a bonfire by singing some melodious songs. Markha Valley is blessed with amazing beauty and surreal nature.

Diskit Monastery - Ladakh trip is not up to the mark without a visit to the monasteries. One of the most exquisite monasteries is Diskit Monastery. It is situated in the center of Nubra Valley and has quaint surroundings. You can witness the intrinsic designs of the 14th century in this monastery. This place has a real charm that will give a soothing touch to the mind.

Magnetic Hill - Blessed with magnetic properties, Magnetic Hill is a magical place. Your vehicles might get a different moment while running on this hill. Driving a car or other vehicles is an amazing experience that everyone must take while going to Ladakh. 

Thiksey Monastery - This is a religious as well as nature spot in Ladakh. There are more than 500 monks in this complex of 12 stories. It is one of the most exotic places in Ladakh with charming beauty, statues, paintings, and lifestyle. ThikseyGompa will give you a deep knowledge of Buddhist culture, traditions, and lifestyle. At this place, you can enjoy watching scenic spots, religious scriptures, and paintings.

TsoMoriri Lake - Situated at a height of 1500 feet from sea level, TsoMoriri Lake is a must-watch place in Ladakh. It is surrounded by rugged mountains and looks more beautiful because of the blue sky. Visiting this place will connect one with its soul and mind. You can plan a one-day trip with your family, friends, or cousins near TsoMoriri Lake. It has a rich ambiance that will attract tourists to visit again and again.

Hemis National Park - This is one of the best places for wildlife photography. This is the biggest national Park in India. You can enjoy snowcapped mountains in this national park. Beautiful glaciers make this place more enchanting and exciting. You can watch many exotic animals in this national park such as blue sheep, red fox, Great Tibetan sheep, and snow leopards, and so on. 
Things to do in Ladakh

Once you land in Ladakh, there are various things to try during your trip. Let us have a glance at some of the best things to do in Ladakh such as:

Bactrian Camel Safari - Sand Dunes of Hunder offers you a mind-blowing experience of camel ride. This ride includes sightseeing of Nubra River and Shyok. There is an interesting history behind Hunder. Many years ago, the caravans used this road for trading purposes. 
Enjoy Hemis Festival - One of the best and most colorful festivals of Ladakh is the Hemis festival. You can watch superb Llamas’ performance at this festival. The artists wear colorful and unique clothes to perform on the stage. Celebrating the Hemis festival is one of the best things to do in Ladakh. Beautiful face masks worn by the artists add a thrill and excitement to this festival. 
Try cheese momos - Ladakh is famous for momos. People in Ladakh consume milk, butter, cheese, and other dairy products made from yak’s milk. You must try special cheese momosfromLadakh. This cheese is prepared from yak’s milk. You can get cheese momos easily at any roadside stall in Ladakh. 
Visit the highest cafeteria at Khardungla Pass - You must visit this cafeteria situated at the highest point of the world. Maggi point at Khardungla Pass serves the world’s most delicious noodles. Eating hot Maggi at the highest point of Ladakh is one of the most interesting things to do with friends. You can visit this point on bikes or cars or jeeps. 

Wonderful mornings at Hemis Monastery - If you want to spend a nice and beautiful morning in Ladakh, visit Hemis Monastery. You can do early morning prayers at this monastery. It is located amidst beautiful mountains that give rejuvenating feeling to your mind and body. 

Best time to visit Ladakh

Ladakh is God's gifted paradise to mankind. You can feel the true and charming beauty of Ladakh by visiting this place between April and July. This is summertime in Ladakh and the temperature is between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius. You can enjoy pleasant weather during this time. 
Tourists will enjoy clear skies during the summer season in Ladakh. Avoid visiting Ladakh during monsoon and winters because of the unpleasant and harsh environment. However, if you want to enjoy the chilly winters of Ladakh, pick the time between November and January. 
Final words 

Ladakh has numerous things to offer for a perfect trip. It is the land of charming nature, wonderful lakes, artistic monasteries, and high passes. Once in a lifetime, you must visit this paradise to experience nature to the fullest and make a memorable journey with your loved ones.

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